Testo 350 - for Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems
Testo 350 - for Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems
Testo 350 - for Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems
Testo 350 - for Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems
Testo 350 - for Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems

Testo 350 - for Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems

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Whether you are testing for compliance or troubleshooting and tuning the testo 350 portable emission analyzer offers everything you need! Test up to six gases simultaneously, or swap sensors out for additional parameters with field replaceable pre-calibrated digital sensors.
PLEASE NOTE: This price includes the control unit and the basic analysis box with an O2 sensor installed in slot 4. If you require additional sensors or upgrades, please call us on 01202 656165 or select the desired options from the drop down boxes.

Ideal for professional exhaust gas analysis and industrial emission measurements. The testo 350 exhaust gas analyser is a rugged piece of kit designed to meet the demands of a variety of different measuring and analysis applications. It is also excellently suited for complex data compilation.
The testo 350 exhaust gas analyser is made up of two separate units

The testo 350 Control Unit is used to control emission measurements. It has a clearly structured graphic display and is especially easy to use. There are four different applications in the menu to choose from: burner, gas turbine, motors and user-defined applications. The instructions on the display guide you through the measurement and make the steps leading up to the start of the measurement easier. This saves both time and hassle. The Control Unit can also be used to remote control the Analysis Box when it is not positioned at the exhaust gas pipe or measurement site. This is especially advisable when carrying out work on larger systems.

The testo 350 Analysis Box (separate product) contains the sensor system and the electronics that are needed to perform emission measurements. The Analysis Box comes standard equipped with an O2 gas sensor. You will, however, need to connect at least one more sensor (max. six) to operate the Box. Optional sensors include gas sensors for CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S and CxHy.

The increased measuring range allows you to carry out unlimited measurements even when gas concentrations are high. The increased measuring range (thinning) is automatically activated when gas concentrations are unexpectedly high. The measuring range of a selected sensor can be increased by a certain factor. An opening on the underside of the analyser gives you access to all the relevant service and wearing parts, i.e. pumps and filters, which can easily be cleaned or replaced.  The testo 350 also has numerous diagnosis functions with easy-to-understand readings and information. The exhaust gas analyser constantly displays the current reading.

The Analysis Box can be controlled by the Control Unit. It can, however, also be operated directly via USB, Bluetooth® 2.0 or CANCase from a PC or notebook. After the Analysis Box has been programmed, it can carry out measurements independently and save the results. It can also transfer the data directly to the Control Unit.
Conducting industrial emission measurements with the testo 350

The testo 350 exhaust gas analyser has been specially designed for carrying out industrial emission measurements in the field. In the tab “Applications” you will find out more about:
Emission measurements on industrial motors
Emission measurements on burners
Emission measurements on gas turbines
Emission measurements on thermo processes
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